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Custom Made Cigar Click Pen

This is a pen commissioned as a gift by a relative of a musician who has made several violins. The pen body was turned from from scraps of wood used in making a violin. The wood, an imported maple, is ordinarily very light in shade. Several stains were mixed to get close to the color of the varnish on the violin. As a custom order, a satin finish was requested. When the color was deep enough to show the patterning of the maple, a final coat of stain was added and set by applying pressure between the applicator and the wood while the lathe was turning. The heat generated by the friction of the applicator and the wood yielded the desired sheen. The final finishing coat was a friction polished hard finishing wax. The pen will acquire a patina as its new owner uses it. The pen hardware is 24 Kt Gold plate and black enamel trim, chosen to complement the colors one might find on a violin.

The pen uses standard Parker™ style refills. It carries a lifetime guarantee.

Using the materials desired by a customer is extremely satisfying. If you have a piece of wood that special meaning for you, please contact Berkshire Pens.


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