Pen Finishes

Pens are available in a variety of finishes or plating. The durability of the finishes helps to determine the price of the pen.

Please Note: All plating options may not be available in every pen style.

Gold Plating

Gold plating, denoted as 24 KT Gold, is the most common pen finish. Even the best gold plating will eventually abrade - it just takes a lot longer to do it. Gold plating can be made more durable depending on the method used to plate, additives in the gold, and techniques employed.

Titanium Gold Plating

The titanium gold, really titanium nitride, plating method produces the most durable gold pen kit plating available. In this process, Titanium nitride matched to the color of gold is molecularly bonded to the part. 24K gold is bonded (sputtered) on the part to achieve a color match. The result is that the parts will virtually never show wear.

Pens that use titanium nitride gold as the plating are identified as Gold Titanium Nitride finished pens on the website.

Rose Gold Plating

This is a rare, unusual plating. Copper and gold are combined in such a way that they both plate with their atoms equally mixed together. The plating is deposited in a very thick layer. Not only does this produce a beautiful sumptuous look but it is extremely durable. Under regular careful use the plating should hold up for years. Magnetic necklace pens are trimmed in rose gold.

Chrome Plating

Chrome plating is long lasting and will last for years under normal use. Chrome-plated pens have become very popular reflecting a trend toward this look.

Black Titanium Oxide

The black titanium process uses titanium oxide molecularly bonded. This plating is unbelievably hard and durable. The black titanium plating process gives the pen a unique and stylish look. This finish is found on pens identified as Black Titanium and as Gun Metal.


Rhodium, one of the metals in the platinum family, is hard and reflective. Pens using this finish are eye catching and durable.


This metal, also a member of the platinum family, is strong and corrosion resistant. Its primary use in pen making is for the nibs of fountain pens.

Higher priced pens using combinations of the metals above are used to create writing instruments that will become heirloom pieces.

Pen Bodies

The bodies of Berkshire Pen’s writing instruments are fashioned from a wide variety of woods and acrylic materials.


Many pen and pencil bodies are turned from exotic woods, which yield attractive writing instruments.

Stabilized or plastic impregnated wooden bodies are available for additional cost. Many varieties of wood are available in stabilized form. Stabilized burl wood makes an eye-popping pen.

Locally harvested hardwood burl is available on a limited basis.

The wooden bodies of Berkshire Pen products display either a “burned on” finish or an acrylic coating that is buffed thoroughly to a glistening shine.


The range of acrylic material for pen bodies is wide. No matter what combination of colors is used, each body is worked to a shine that is guaranteed to catch one’s eye.  Each piece is unique in color design.

Your materials

You may have a piece of wood suitable for making the products that I sell. You may also have acrylic materials such as pieces of Corian™ from home improvements. Contact me to discuss the possibilities.